Ironman training

The schedule is designed to coach you techniques and skills as well as provide a progressive training load through the week that will build your fitness. We use the expertise gained over many years of our parent company SunVelo to include a cycling component that offers a range of different level cycling groups for you to chose from on a daily basis as part of the overall weekly plan.

triathlon training camps

Our objective is to develop you as a triathlete whatever experience you currently have or level at which you compete. Our philosophy is to understand your inherent skills and build on them, development your technique and coach you to be an efficient endurance athlete.


A passionate coaching team

To enhance your training experience we have onsite sports lab testing facilities that a coach can use to pinpoint accurate physiological training zones from a graded exercise test including, heart rate, power, pace zones plus important thresholds and V02 peak. The detailed data from such a test provides the best tool from which to develop your training plans.

The SunTri 2018 training camp season starts 31st March with a break at the end of April starting again mid May until 27th May