Last year I got the opportunity to see and experience what it is like to train like a Pro for 2 weeks on the sunny island of Mallorca. It was something I had always dreamed of ever since I started doing triathlon and realised how much I love to train, especially in Mallorcan sunshine!

SunTri is a Triathlon Coached Training Camp based in Playa de Muro running in spring and autumn. For me spring in Mallorca is a great time of year for warm weather training, it is the perfect build up towards the triathlon racing season.

It is run by a very experienced and knowledgeable coaching team, during my time there the coaches were:

Coach Rob Griffiths: has worked with both Professional and Top Age Group athletes around the world, and is a British Triathlon Level 3 Coach and Mentor. He races both Ironman and Half Ironman distance races, and has a professional sporting background.

Coaches Steffi and Gerry Steinberg: This dynamic duo have a huge amount of experience running their own training camps internationally as well as being part of the SunTri team. They are internationally accomplished triathletes; both qualifiers for the Ironman World Champs in Kona on more than one occasion. To top that off, Steffi has previously been the Ultraman World Champion!

This year I am delighted to be a part of the coaching team at SunTri in Mallorca and I cannot wait to help get athletes of all levels prepared for the Triathlon Racing Season!

The added benefit of signing up to a training camp with SunTri is the partnership with their nearby SunVelo cycling business. SunVelo has a team of highly experienced group ride leaders and coaches that know the roads of Mallorca inside out. Every morning they meet up and arrange different level riding groups of speed and ability. This way everyone gets the most out of every bike ride – you will be surrounded by people of the same level so it eliminates the fear of being dropped or having to hold back if others are too slow. Each group has designated ride leaders who map out the route they will take each day, they make sure that everyone in the group gets the most out of their time riding in Mallorca including the best coffee stops on the island.

The benefits you can expect from a Warm Weather Training Camp with SunTri:

Time to get some big volume miles in on the bike. The warm weather, excellent road surface, wide selection of mountains and climbs, means that all you need to do is get yourself out of bed, get your shorts and short sleeve jersey on, and you can enjoy hours and hours of cycling in the sun. A big volume week on the bike will help to bring your level of fitness to the next level.

Open water sea swims: If you are any bit like me, the thought of open water swimming in Ireland alone will make me feel cold! So this is a great opportunity to get your open water swim practice in, with your wetsuit, in warm water! Practice sighting, pacing, drafting, transitioning in and out of the water and practice in your wetsuit (what you will be swimming in most likely come race season!). Additionally a onsite 25 meter pool helps the coaching team analyse your technique and efficiency.

Learn more about triathlon training, goal setting, race strategies, tapering, nutrition, running technique, injury prevention, strength and conditioning for Triathlon, HR/Power training zones and intensities, the list is endless! Together the coaching team has a wide range of expertise, and it is your job to pick their brains!

Fun times in the sun!

If this is what you have been looking for book your place before the camps fill up!