Triathletes on the beach in Majorca

Today there are various locations that offer triathlon training camps both in the UK and overseas, however if you are looking to improve PB’s and fitness for your triathlon summer events, a visit in Spring to the Suntri triathlon training camp in Mallorca is a no brainer.

The SunTri triathlon camp in Mallorca will benefit all triathletes at whatever level, in a warmer climate. 

So why is warm weather training better than training in colder climates such as the UK? 

Warmer air is a stress on the body that makes training more challenging. The blood thickens in warmer conditions and the heart has to work harder to pump oxygenated blood to the working muscles. The body adapts to this by increasing blood plasma volume, which essentially equates to better cardiovascular fitness. 

A University of Oregon study found that cyclists who had done warm weather training performed between 4-8% better.

When you consider the significant amount of bike time on long course and Ironman events, this is a worthy margin for any triathlete to seriously consider. 

A warm weather spring triathlon training camp in a location such as Mallorca should be an important part of their training plans for the year.

Mallorca Weather In Spring Compared To The UK

During the months of March and April the UK weather at best can be described as mediocre, records show March has an average temperature of just 10 degrees with 10 days of rainfall, improving slightly in April to averages of 13 degrees and 8 days rainfall. 

Mallorca by comparison during spring on average is 6 to 7 degrees warmer with less than half the rainfall, providing an environment far more conducive to long periods of outdoor coached sessions, which are part of a SunTri triathlon training camp.

Why book a Suntri Triathlon Training Camp?

At Suntri we work with some of the very best Triathlon coaches. Coaches who know how to compete and win.

This experience as you know is vitally important if you are considering competing this year.

Suntri also has a smaller ratio of coaches to triathletes compared to our bigger rivals and as you know in triathlons, bigger is not always better! 

Our weekly triathlon coaching schedule has been put together by coaching experts with years of experience both in coaching at the highest levels of triathlon to running training camps.

For more information on how Suntri can improve your game contact us on 01432 860609 or email.